The Transit Continues To Sell Strong

When the Ford Transit van was first released in the 1960s, it was mainly used as a cargo van. However, as the years passed, it became a multipurpose van for uses such as passenger van, minibus, pickup truck, etc. The vehicle is mostly revered for its versatility and durability. Many small business owners use the vehicle for their work as it is driver-friendly and has a lot of cargo space.

The Transit continues to find favour in the market as the latest version has been deemed to transit cargo vehicles’ realm into a passenger vehicle suitable for large families. The passenger version can seat from 8 people to a maximum of 15 people, allowing for large families to save on fuel as the carpool to family occasions. This vehicle comes in different engine and structure options and has already edged out SUVs as competitions to its new purpose.


Engine – 3.5-liter V-6

Transmission – 10-speed automatic transmission

Horsepower – 275 hp/310 hp

Torque – 262 lb-ft/410 lb-ft

Zero to 60 mph – 10.1 seconds

Top Speed – 11o mph

Braking – 70-0 mph: 170 ft

Driver Type – Rear-wheel drive/All-wheel drive

Tow capacity – 7500 pounds

Additional Features

Bluetooth connectivity;

Four-Speaker sound system;

Dual USB ports;

Wi-Fi hotspot;

Sirius XM satellite radio;

8.0-inch display screen;

Integrated navigation;

Forward-collision Warning with Automated Emergency Braking;

Lane-keeping assistance and Lane-departure warning;

Adaptive cruise control;

Warranty and maintenance coverage; etc.


The price of Ford Transit depends on the model you are buying and the specifications. The 2021 Passenger Transit van’s price range starts from $40,000 and above.


It is very spacious and comfortable

It is easy to maneuver

It can be converted for different uses

It is cheap


It’s gas mileage is high

The size can make it difficult to park in a garage or a car wash

It is not as comfortable as a SUV


The Ford Transit is rated between 7 and 9 stars over 10 across different platforms. These ratings take into consideration the functionality, structure, ease of use, comparison to rivals, among many other factors into consideration. This goes to say that the Transit measures up greatly against other vehicles of its cadre.

Who Can Use The Ford Transit?

The Ford Transit was originally designed as a cargo vehicle and was targeted at customers needing cargo space for their businesses. The vehicle has evolved over the years and proved useful for other categories of people for different functions, including families with large members. The newer models of the Transit take this new category of consumers into consideration as they are designed to appeal to families by including features such as the power-sliding doors.

Apart from the old models mostly used for cargo, newer models inculcate features that serve customers looking for cargo space as well as those looking to use the vehicle for family purposes. The Transit Passenger is a new model of the almost-six-decades old vehicle that is made specifically for this second category of buyers; families.