The Mondeo Is Leaving

For years, the Mondeo has been beloved by Ford lovers across the world. The middle-income class friendly vehicle was first manufactured in 1993, and has since then been a preferred choice for lots of families. Having enjoyed commercial success for almost three decades, the makers of the vehicle are now set to discontinue production of the Mondeo in 2022 due to low sales and the shift in buyers’ preference. Growing global trends towards a greener automobile industry is also a reason one of Ford’s most popular models is about to be axed.

Even though the Mondeo will no longer be manufactured after 2022, various models of the vehicle will still be available from local dealers and in used-cars dealers. Here are some of the things to know about the Mondeo, also known as the “world car”.


Engine – 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel engine

Horsepower – 187

Torque – 400Nm @2000rpm

Transmission – eight-speed automatic transmission

Driver Type – Front-wheel Drive

Additional Features

Adaptive cruise technology;

Stop & Go functionality;

Intelligent speed limiter;

SYNC 3 communications and entertainment systems;

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) technology; etc.


A 2020 Ford Mondeo costs between $26,700 and $39,600, depending on the model and specifications. A 2021 model ranges between $24,700 and $38,280, depending on model and where you are buying it.


It is cheap

It is versatile and efficient;

It is spacious and comfortable;

The hybrid version is environment-friendly.


Has high emission level


The Mondeo has an average rating of 6.0 stars out of 10 across different platforms. The slightly-above average ratings may be associated with the declining interest of the public in the vehicle.

The Mondeo Is Leaving

Ford has announced its decision to stop the production of the Mondeo model. This decision is majorly due to two reasons. The first is reduced sales caused by the shift of buyers’ interest from the comfortability of the Mondeo to the more modern conveniences availed by SUVs and crossovers. The second reason also has correlations with the first. One of the reasons people stopped buying Mondeo was due to its high emission rate.

To cater for a market thirsting for more-sustainable options in automobiles, Ford has set a target of 2030 to make all its vehicles electric and 2026 to provide hybrid and fully electric options for every model. To bring about this goal, the automobile giant has been phasing out the production of several of its high-emission vehicles over the years, and the Mondeo is the latest to join the group.

This brings us to the second reason the Mondeo was axed. To provide an avenue for the manufacturers to focus on producing low to zero-emission rate vehicles.

Other Facts About The Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo was used in Motorsport for several years after it was launched. The car competed in various competitions, including the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and the FIA World Touring Car Cup, which it won in 1993 and 1994, being driven by Paul Radisich.

Mondeo has won over 37 awards from 1993 to present. These awards include “car of the year” from several platforms across the decades, best family car, best estate car, best car, best medium car, and so on.

The Mondeo is fondly called Mondeo Man in the United Kingdom following a political movement initiated by Tony Blair of the Labour Party in 1996.