Sam Cornwell

Squad No. 19
Birthday January 1, 1990
Age 27
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

JUFC squad? Div 3

Nickname? Sambo, The Cat, Adebayor

Position on field? I think I am more of a power forward but most just stick me in net.

Best player you have played with? Rhys Williams

Best player you have played against? Todd Howarth

Worst dancer at the club?

After efforts in Gero and Bali, it’s neither Woody or Daz, that’s for sure. Maybe the Malley Shuffle or the Human Pear Fist Pump.

Worst dressed at the club? Cotton Eye with his selection of shit shirts.

Funniest bloke at the club?

Rusty. Still think the cover of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ was one of the funniest things I have heard, it was definitely not a flop.

Grumpiest bloke at the club? Greeny

Tightest bloke at the club? Probably Irvs

Loosest bloke at the club? Any of the Merries. Take your pick really isn’t it?!

Most under the thumb? Probably Kennedy-Edwards.

Angriest man at the club? Probably Stella. Only person I have seen get into a fight as a lino, haha.

Best position?

Well it’s definitely not lying on my bed sending seductive videos but others may argue. It’s probably at the front of a buffet line. Just can’t get enough!

Greatest JUFC moment on or off the pitch?

Reliving Flashdance in Gero. Best half a second of my life! That and getting players’ player last season.

Biggest game you have played in? Probably playing for WA.

Best ground you have played at? Any that has grass in the six yard box by the end of the season.

Ambitions for the future? Maybe to dominate the south, like I have the north, with epic dance routines.