Peter Rustidge

Squad No.
Birthday January 1, 1984
Age 33
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Full name? Peter James Rustidge

JUFC squad? Head coach of the Cobra academy

Nickname? Rusty, Rust Dog, Rusticles, Rustaldinho, Rockcock Stonebone and the King Cobra.

Position on field? All rounder, great utility man, a coach’s dream.

Best player you have played with?

Rudy ‘lion heart’ Proctor. It was like playing with 12 men, he is a rare bread, a pedigree, he is a fine wine, a man who could grab the game by the scruff of the neck.

Best player you have played against?

That’s a tough one but on a cold winter’s night there was nothing worse than Budgie kicking the shit out of you. The man took it serious.

Worst dancer at the club? Bruce Cargill’s got a different style.

Worst dressed at the club?

Ryan Malley. The man is a complete Salvo, he permanently rocks around in a Reece plumbing t-shirt and he is not even a plumber. Who forgets their shoes?

Funniest bloke at the club? Mr Danny Smith always puts a smile on my dial.

Grumpiest bloke at the club? Anyone who had a chance to come to Bali but chose not to, you miserable bastards.

Tightest bloke at the club? Dave Mead, he is the 007 of round dodging. Now he drives a BMW so he can dodge a round even faster.

Loosest bloke at the club? Zeb. I think it’s easy when you’re in your early 20s but Zeb is nearly 50 and he still canes it.

Under the thumb?

JUFC isn’t short on soft lads but who takes their missus up to Gero? One man sent back in time to change the future for one lucky lady…. The Sherwinator.

Angriest man at the club?

Jeremy Brown. Last year he got subbed came off and booted a chair and as punishment he was made linesman. Ten minutes later he is singing “the referee’s a wanker”, still with flag in hand.

Best position? Six cans deep with a megaphone.

Greatest JUFC moment on or off the pitch?

Being told by club legend Terry Kirkhouse that I was now vice captain of the first team. After that moment I spent the rest of the season playing in reserves. You’ve got to love the Welsh way of thinking.

Biggest game you have played in? 2004 cup final

Best ground you have played at?

Colo Colo in Freo, just love their hotdogs. “The Completo”, which in Chilean means the complete hotdog. They’re not wrong either.

Nothing got the blood pumping like playing BB United away in the cage though. One of their fans once ran at me with a steel stake. He was passionate man, I’ll give him that.

Ambitions for the future? Be nice to see Smurf with a real life woman…I also wouldn’t mind the Cobras winning a few more games.