Neil Sherwin

Squad No.
Birthday March 1, 1985
Age 32
Height 180cm
Weight 85kgs
Birthplace Perth
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs Hamersley Rovers Castleknock Celtic (Ireland)
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Full name? Neil Michael Andrew Sherwin

JUFC squad? Div 3

Nickname? Sherwinator apparently

Position on field? Centre half, though by the end of the season it’s usually in goal if I’m not crocked. Actually, even being injured doesn’t get me off the hook with that one.

Best player you have played with?

A little voice inside my head kept saying “Sallis, you know it’s Andy Sallis” as I thought about this one. I was able to ignore it and go for Todd Howarth.

Best player you have played against?

At JUFC it’s probably Lee Jones or Gary Andrews, both are class. Paul Tucker is just all arms and legs and a pain in the arse to mark in training because he always gets stuck in.

Worst dancer at the club?

Big Sam is so bad he’s good, that effort in Gero last year with the dance off will probably never be beaten. I feel privileged to have witnessed it.

Worst dressed at the club?

So many options for this one. Ryan Malley has done absolutely nothing to put right the reputation he started to build for himself last season. Those hot pants he wore to training a few weeks ago makes me wonder what’s next out of his wardrobe.

Funniest bloke at the club?

Rusty is the obvious and correct answer but honorable mentions go to Andy Sallis and Danny Smith. Liam Moorhouse has his moments too with brutal honesty.

Grumpiest bloke at the club? Dylan Renoux loves to whinge about anything, must be all those chemicals he consumes.

Tightest bloke at the club? Farren in jeans.

Loosest bloke at the club?

Rudy Proctor and Zeb are ridiculous and Betty is to be avoided when he gets going as one person found out last season. The Groovy Gang have a long way to go to get even close to their level of looseness.

Most under the thumb?

It’s rude to vote for yourself so I’ll have to say Robbie Bain for the recent ‘carrying the handbag’ incident, that crossed a bit of a line.

Angriest man at the club?

Greg Croxall. Top bloke but very angry, and a great man for a two footed lunge. Others are Gary Asbridge on the pitch and Dylan Renoux off it.

Best position? I always try to put in a good shift at the back.

Greatest JUFC moment on or off the pitch?

On the pitch was probably scoring an overhead kick for the ressies a few years ago. Only a handful of people saw it but it definitely happened. Rupturing my ACL in the same game took a lot of the shine off it though.

Off it has to be all of the Gero trips, the best way to get to know the lads and become part of the JUFC mad house.

Biggest game you have played in?

The 2007 Amateur Cup Final with Hamersley that we won 2-0. It was nice to finally win a final after losing two in the same season with my club in Ireland before I moved here.

Best ground you have played at?

In Perth it would have to be Dorrien Gardens, but the slope at Charonia has its own charm and it’s finally a proper place we can call home.

Ambitions for the future? To make it through the season without injuries and be known for something other than my missus.