Jeremy Brown

Squad No.
Birthday January 1, 1990
Age 27
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Jufc squad? The Mighty Cobras (Sunday Socials)

Nickname? At JUFC, the Bishop. Variously Jez, Jezza ,Jeremiah, JBrown, Brownie, Wolverang and Abrarang Lincoln.

Position on field? Bench. Or somewhere in the backline. Occasionally linesman.

Best player you have played with?

I’m biased because he’s my mate, but Luke Sims. Great vision, good on and off the ball, and marshals the whole team from centre back. Honourable mention for Robbie Coles – his pace is unreal, he’s a little bloke who tackles like a big bloke and he’s usually pretty good on the ball.

Best player you have played against? Without a doubt Jack Snape… I don’t think I’ve ever gotten even close to actually tackling him.

Worst dancer at the club? Gotta be Big Sam (Cornwell). We love him but he’s all left feet.

Worst dressed at the club?

If we’re talking special occasions it’s a three-way tie between myself, Ben Williams and our very own coach Rust (Peter Rustidge). My horrible attire was for our last game of the season, a kind of leather gimp suit thing. But in my defence Rusty supplied it. And Rust and Betty need no introduction for their Premier Cup Final antics last year. I think even Football West commented on how bad they were. Day-to-day worst dresser is probably Ryan Malley – you should’ve seen his tight little shorts last week!

Funniest bloke at the club?

All the lads are good for a laugh, but the leader of the gang is almost certainly Dan Smith. BUT… you can never overlook the legendary Bruce Cargill. The man is a closet genius.

Grumpiest bloke at the club? Would have to be Steve Irvine… sorry mate! You’re just not very funny.

Tightest bloke at the club? Probably Smurf (Aka Dylan Renoux).

Loosest bloke at the club? Only one correct answer here – BRUUUUUUUUUCE!

Most under the thumb? Almost certainly Gary Asbridge. But who can blame him?

Angriest man at the club? I’m afraid that’s probably me…

Best position? I’m not sure if this is meant to be about football or sex… but bench would be the correct answer for both.

Biggest game you have played in?

The last game of last season. If we’d won we would have staved off relegation. Against nine men we led 3-0 at half time, and I’m not ashamed to say I had two assists. I was subbed off at half time (no hard feelings JGod) and we lost 4-3… I don’t need to say which part of the field all the goals came from!

Best ground you have played at?

Mighty Charonia of course! Home of the Cobras! Although we certainly do love a road trip in the Banter Bus(es).

Ambitions for the future? To spend more time on the pitch than the bench!