Ged McCann

Squad No.
Birthday January 1, 1975
Age 42
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Name: Major Gerard J McCann (BSc/FRSC/LLM/TD)

Nick name: The Cat

Position and what position you like most: GK but prefer:1st: Midfield 2nd Defence, 3rd Up front 4th Sub 5th GK

Best player in the team: Me

Most skilful in the team: Me

Most frustrating in the team: Stoner, he drifts off into no mans land. Quite frustrating for an ex Army type like myself

Best player you’ve played alongside at the club: Jeff Vaughan, he made me look fast

Best goal/best save
Acrobatic, Cirque De Solay one handed tip over the bar against Hamersley in the cup. Second only to the 4/6 penalty saves in the 2012/2013 season

Best Goal. Must be one of Dazza’s against Mandurah or a Hunty overhead kick.

Funniest moment on or off the pitch: Watching Danny Mid kick a player up the backside during a mass brawl.

Best/worst dancer: Neil Forsyth…….of course!

Best/worst dresser: Danny Middleton (that shirt on the love boat that arrived two days late)

Best/worst hair: Dave Ironic (Ayres)

Best JUFC moment on or off the pitch: Beating Dianella (cheating f@@###rs)

Tightest in the team: Daz (I’ll bring my own eski) Morris

Worst team performance/worst game you’ve played in
Yes, Freo and Dianella really spoil your weekend and test your powers of forgiveness and humanity!

Biggest moan about the club: No Peroni Leggeria

Funniest/grumpiest/angriest in the team: Hunty/Hunty/Hunty but I love him anyway

Best team performance/best game you’ve played in
Inglewood when we officially lost 4-3 but actually won 3-1 if you ignore the cheating ref/coach/manager

Ambition for the coming season: Golf