Gary Asbridge

Squad No.
Birthday January 1, 1983
Age 34
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Full name? Gary David Asbridge

JUFC squad? State ressies – The Pride of JUFC

Nickname? The Bridge (thanks Rusty)

Position on field? Centre half

Best player you have played with?

Gary Andrews – Something special about his style. Nothing like seeing a left footed midget on speed look-a-like pirouetting his way around the centre circle.

I was going to say Jennings as he always tells me about the time he played at Wembley but no one believes him.

Best player you have played against? Jonesy – Solid and deceivingly fast. Knows where the goal is and how to hit all four corners of it.

Worst dancer at the club?

A few people have mentioned Reidy and Sam but I think they are our best dancers. I think collectively as a club we are all shithouse, so if your within JUFC and you’re not Sam or Reidy you are equal worst.

Worst dressed at the club?

Tough one this, we have allot of people with individual style. But Blaine M doesn’t seem to own any clothes other than his club gear. Get to Factory or Live or something mate!

Funniest bloke at the club? Rusty without a doubt. MC Rust. The skeleton that lost his dog. The guy should have been a celebrity host of some show.

Grumpiest bloke at the club?

Les Miserables James ‘Greeny’ Green. No doubt. Definitely not tight with his money but loves a good price comparison and a whinge about it. Only cracks a smile if someone else’s misfortune. Top bloke though.

Tightest bloke at the club?

Steve ‘The Joke Surgeon’ Irvine. Refused to buy the boys water whilst manager after the previous two weeks Smithy and Nick paying for it. He was relieved to take Liam’s cash however, buy the boys water out of that as well as a Mars bar for himself and no change returned. Don’t even get me started on the stubby holder or key ring!!!!

Loosest bloke at the club?

Rudy Proctor. His loose level borders on insane. Couldn’t even begin to mention things to back up this claim in this open forum. Just plain old not normal. And he is proud of it! Don’t ever believe a thing this guy says either, even when he is telling the truth he is lying. I’d trust him with my life though.

Most under the thumb?

Where did he come from where did he go? Has to be Cotton Eye Joe. Another weird bloke around the club, weird in his own way. That handbag picture gave you the crown mate. Looked like that yellow leather bag was yours and she is standing right next to you!

Angriest man at the club?

Dylan the Smurf. So angry. Definitely violent. I’m sure he is on some kind of police watch list in Perth and a couple of towns around WA as well. Passive aggressive too, won’t say much about being mad but will punch people while smiling at ya. Think I’m okay though; don’t think I’m on his “list”. I do know, however, Rudy is right at the top.

Best position? Reverse cowboy. Or centre half. What are we actually talking about here?

Greatest JUFC moment on or off the pitch?

So many off field memories in my time but really nothing can beat doing the double last year in a side I loved along with a few of my actual best friends. That day and the night to follow sits like a dream in my memory. I’d give anything to live those 24 hours again!

Biggest game you have played in? Has to be the cup final 2013 when we completed the double. Still feels like a dream.

Best ground you have played at?

Charonia. JUFC has been like a gypsy club for such a long time it was great to finally get a place to call home. Love that place.

Ambitions for the future?

Tough one as I’m not getting any younger. All I know is when I’m no longer playing I want to be a part of this club. Ball pumper, cone putter outer, committee, might try my hand and assistant coach. Who knows. Let’s keep this club on the up and up!