Declan Kerrigan

Squad No.
Birthday January 1, 1992
Age 25
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

JUFC squad? Div 3 Reserves

Nickname? Well! Gok, Dec, Deek, Duncan, Gwok Dog, Mr Miyagi, Deccy Bees, Deccy. I think that’ll do.

Position on field? Next to Farren on the bench

Best player you have played with? Tony Taylor

Best player you have played against? Todd Howarth

Worst dancer at the club?

Blaine, if you ever get the chance to catch him without a beer in hand, I’m sure you’ll see his face turn bright red after he explains the development of  ‘The Chicken Dance’ on top of marina bay sans, through to the jazz club. I thought the man made a total tit of himself but the foreigners seemed to enjoy it. I’m still trying to work out whether it was brilliance or the complete opposite.

Worst dressed at the club? Paul Green, don’t be upset mate.

Funniest bloke at the club? I don’t like jumping on bandwagons but the man has genuine humour, Rusty.

Grumpiest bloke at the club? Greeny, although having said that, Blaine is just as bad.

Tightest bloke at the club? Marcus

Loosest bloke at the club? Powley/Rudy

Most under the thumb? CEJ for SURE. That moment at Kingsway a few weeks ago was too good. Mate, you don’t do yourself any favours!

Angriest man at the club? Greg Croxall

Best position? On the sideline

Greatest JUFC moment on or off the pitch? 2012 cup final day.

Biggest game you have played in? Every game is bigger than the one previous!

Best ground you have played at? Dorrien Gardens

Ambitions for the future? Take the Sunday reserves squad to the top and keep JUFC’s name on that cup!