Dave Ayre

Squad No.
Birthday January 1, 1979
Age 38
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

In honour of Dave who leaves for Sydney in a few weeks time to open a new Bar called the “VIC”

 Nick name: Ayresy

Position and what position you like most: Midfield and the showers

Angry player in the team: It would have to be our nut job goalkeeper Craig.

Most skilful in the team: Daz Morris although I think being super small makes his tricks look better

 Most frustrating in the team
Daz Morris – Always complains he’s in space yet fails to understand that space is for running into, not standing in moaning lol

Best player you’ve played alongside at the club: For his finishing ability and deceptive speed I would have to say Crofty.

Best goal/best save
Best goal – I can’t remember who they were against (Inglewood) but I can recall Jon Sneddon scoring several towering headers last year

 Funniest moment on or off the pitch
Has to be Danny M against Joondalup FC last year when he was cuddling the post instead of kicking the ball – Twat!

Best/worst dancer: Danny M for sure!

Best/worst dresser: Has to be Craig as I haven’t seen anyone wear the old classics as well as he does!

Best/worst hair: I’m not sure if Justin’s is all natural so he is discounted leaving Carts as the best! Worst has to be the hobbit lookalike Danny M

Best JUFC moment on or off the pitch:
 Receiving my first Joondalup club shirt, finally after half of the season I felt like I fitted in. No rush Stoner!

Tightest in the team: Daz Morris – He is still wearing the same bandages as he wore in 1990!

Worst team performance/worst game you’ve played in:
 Worst game was Mandurah away last year, a long way to go for such a disappointing performance and an injury

Biggest moan about the club: None yet but give me time

Funniest/grumpiest/angriest in the team:
Boz cos he actually thinks Everton are good/Boz cos he keeps seeing Everton lose/Boz when he reads this!

Best team performance/best game you’ve played in:
I actually thought our best performance was against Joondalup FC in the cup. I didn’t get to play the whole game so I was able to appreciate just how well the lads played from the sidelines.

Ambition for the coming season: To coach Darren Morris to complete a whole game without moaning!