Danny Middleton

Squad No. 44
Birthday January 1, 1975
Age 42
Joined January 26, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Nick name: Legend (should read “leg end”)

Position and what position you like most: Midfield. Doggy

Best player in the team: Hard one. A toss up between myself, Dave (no)Ayre and Carts

Most skilful in the team: Daz Morris

Most frustrating in the tea: Daz Morris. He goes round one, two, three. Goal kick.

Best player you’ve played alongside at the club
I should say Budgie or Woody to maintain my 1st team status. It’s too hard a question. Up front Nigel was a dream to play alongside. Midfield we’ve had Nathan, Danny O’Shea, justin and now we have Dave and Carts, all brilliant to play by. Of course in defence Woody, Evo, Boz and the massive Kent Nash. I suppose I’ll have to go with Danny O’Shea. Great instructor, great player and gave plenty of support.

Best goal/best save
Best goal and save goes to Craig for both. The goal against Callies two years ago and the save last season when he picked it out of the net like Gordon Banks. I love Ged as well.

Funniest moment on or off the pitch
I know it’s wrong, but budgie knocking out the GFK goalkeeper. But I should mention my pass to Kent Nash down the line. He sprinted like a snail. He wasn’t very happy when he eventually made it back to right back.

Best/worst dancer :Probably me for both. But I’ve not seen Woody dance yet.

Best/worst dresser
Best dresser goes to my old mukka Justin. Not sure who the worst is, I’ve seen Morris in leather trousers, and Craig enjoys a pikey track suit top. Hunty wears weird stuff on his feet. But I suppose Bozzy or Ged with there shite Everton tops are the worst

Best/worst hair: Best is between Justin, Dave (no)Ayre and Carts. Worst hair will be mine. Or John Evans

Best JUFC moment on or off the pitch: Any time I score and the Bunbury trip.

Tightest in the team: Daz Morris. He brings his own beer to games so he don’t have to buy any.

Worst team performance/worst game you’ve played in: Worst game was Freo away two seasons ago when we lost the league.

Biggest moan about the club: No club house. But we’re working on it. Beer prices will go up then.

Funniest/grumpiest/angriest in the team: Daz Brogan/Craig Stevenson/Hunty

Best team performance/best game you’ve played in
There’s been a few, like Rocky away two seasons ago, Mandurah at home three seasons ago. But AFC Joondalup in the cup last season is high on the list. After all the hype, we went to their ground and gave them a footballing lesson. 6-1 thank you very much. No need to mention me setting their goal up.

Ambition for the coming season
Obviously to win the double and score a goal. Hopefully we’ll get a fair ref at Inglewood and Dianella.