Andrew Jennings

Squad No. 33
Birthday March 2, 1969
Age 48
Joined January 19, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Nick name: Andy/Jeno

Position and what position you like most: Midfield

Best player in the current team:

I think our keeper (Jamie) is very under-rated, pulls off some fantastic saves week in week out. If we are talking about an outfield player then hard to go past our captain Derel.

Most skilful in the team: Probably Algie – love watching him dance around in the middle of the park

Most frustrating in the team:

Anyone who doesn’t pass me the ball hehehe. Probably the team as a whole – we know how well we can play but don’t do it often enough and grab defeat from the jaws of victory

Best player you’ve played alongside at the club: Stevie Barnett

Best Player you’ve ever played against: Donal O’Brien – he ended up playing for Derry City in Ireland – was a cracking player

Best goal/best save:

Mick Murray scored a cracker against Sorrento at the weekend, top corner (although he did say it could have gone anywhere). Jamie – Wembley Downs – I wasn’t even playing & still know how good it was.

Funniest football moment on or off the pitch: Watching the lads try to dance after golf in Bunbury

Best/worst dancer: Anyone who was on the golf trip – thought they were awesome but alas no.

Best/worst dresser: Alan/Nelly

Best/worst hair: Fraser/Adrian(what’s with the red stripe?)

Best JUFC moment on or off the pitch: Bunbury golf trip

Tightest in the team: Not sure there is one

Worst team performance/worst game you’ve played in:

It’s a tie first against UWA away went down 2-1, missed an absolute bagful of chances (yes I am looking at you Wes & Neil) and second away against Sorrento lost 7-4 – jeez we were woeful that day.

Biggest moan about the club: Don’t have one

Funniest/grumpiest/angriestin the team: Mick/Nelly/Paddy

Best team performance/best game you’ve played in: When we belted UWA at home 6-0

Ambition for the coming season: I have been injured so far this year, so to get back on the park – and for us to play the way we can.