Alan Crofts

Squad No. 29
Birthday January 1, 1972
Age 45
Joined January 29, 2015
Experience 2 years
Previous Clubs None
0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Mercurial forward and football has been, answering the tough questions and getting it out of the way early.

Full name: Alan Crofts

Age: 43

Nick name: Crofty (although lately thanks to a certain rodent its become Alan\Alan\Alan\Steve)

Position and what position you like most: Forward.

Best player in the current team: Currently – Carts, right age for Prem Vets and has all round ability – Great hair!

Most skilful in the team: I think heading is a skill which normally rules out Daz Morris (and most Aussies) but…. Daz Morris.

Most frustrating in the team: Daz Morris and he knows it really

Best player you’ve played alongside at the club

Tough one and if your Counting JUFC as a club then even tougher. Danny O’Shea was quality but so is Gaz Andrews (sorry Andy), Jonesy was very talented but lacked other assets, Gavin Knight too.

Best Player you’ve played against In Perth: Inglewood Vets Defender – Jeff Faulkner, he’s quality.

Best goal:
Against Inglewood a few years back I scored a decent header but I like my goal against Subi playing for the amateur’s. I scored a header from the half way line, I can still hear Smithy laughing now.

Funniest moment on the pitch:
Playing back in the UK where we once all turned out in fake mustaches. Or conceding 10 as our keeper…… half time.

Best dancer (and drinker): No competition ……Darren (the hips) Loosley.

Best/worst dresser:
Best – Justin (or at least his sons who must wonder where their stuff has gone) Worst – Anyone who wears Denim Shorts or a Liverpool kit!

Best/worst hair: Best – Was Justin (when he had the Wellar) Worst – My good mate Mark Terry :-).

Best JUFC moment on or off the pitch:
Played in 2 semi finals and lost them both so not them, When I coached the amateurs, I helped the Vets out against Bayswater, we won 4-1 I think but I remember scoring 3 or maybe all 4, sweeter because they had kicked the living sh!t out of me a few years previous.

Tightest in the team: Daz – no danger, he might as well collect the trophy now.

Worst team performance/worst game you’ve played in: Freo last year – Ref ruined it, he basically cheated.

Biggest moan about the club
I would love to have 2 pitches side by side like when we played at the Arena, stagger the KO’s and we can all have a beer together at the end.

Funniest/grumpiest/angriest in the team
Funniest – There’s a few comedians (even Daz Morris), Grumpiest – Daz Morris (hahaha another trophy) Angriest – A few contenders for this, Hunty/Budgie or Craig wouldn’t argue with any of em!

Best team performance/best game you’ve played in
Manduarah 2-0 at Charonia 2 years ago or the AFC Joondalup result last year, played em off the park. Or when I coached the amateurs we beat Freo ressies 3-2, we were 2-0 down, Johnny Evans scored 2 headers, rose like a Welsh salmon!

Football ambition for the coming season
Play every game and not pull my Hami. Oh and win the league\cup double, league top scorer and win players’ player, manager’s player, supporters’ player etc etc (aim big).